Galloway can’t wait to throw his weight around for Tigers

Galloway can’t wait to throw his weight around for Tigers

IN-FORM Wests Tigers prop Keith Galloway admits he needs to "man up" this season and make good on three years of promise.
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In his fourth season at the Tigers, the 23-year-old is thriving in his senior role at the club and says he owed it to teammates, Tigers fans and himself to step up.

"I am a bit more confident in my ability this year – it’s probably due to the fact I re-signed for another three years and know I need to man up," said Galloway, who has been named in the Blues’ 40-man State of Origin squad after displaying career-best form this season."I never really believed that stuff that props get better as they mature, but I think now that I’ve played a few years you start to realise that.

"I came in pretty young and now I definitely feel like I’m maturing. I’m one of the senior guys now and I need to start coming through with my potential. And I think maybe I’m slowly starting to get there."

Affectionately nicknamed "Sauce" by teammates because of his red hair, Galloway is four kilograms heavier this season, and credits his weight gain for his form.

"I just feel a lot stronger and fitter," said Galloway, who played through the pain of a broken foot, taking match-day injections, in the tail end of the Tigers’ 2008 campaign. "I’ve done a lot of strength work this year and put a lot more emphasis on weights.

"I was playing lighter last year at about 104 kg, but I’m up to 108 kg and it feels good. It makes a big difference, especially with contact up the middle."

Tigers assistant coach Royce Simmons said Galloway’s damaging running game and brutal defence had made him the NRL’s form front-rower, declaring he was ready for the step up to State of Origin.

"He’s fitter, faster and more mobile than ever before and he’s very close to the form front-rower in the competition," Simmons told The Sun-Herald .

"No way would he be out of place in a Blues jumper. The game’s made for him. He’s tough, he takes it forward, he’s reliable. If he can remain consistent over the next few weeks and have a big game for City [v Country Origin] then hopefully that can cement a representative future for him.

"He’s done a lot of extras away from training this year. He does a lot of boxing and he’s always on the rower doing extra work. He’s really picked up his work and it’s showing on the field. We bought him a long time ago because we thought he had a lot of potential and now he’s starting to realise it."

¡ Former Sydney Roosters chief executive Brian Canavan says he would like to become involved in top-flight league administration again – and could be a contender for the vacant Wests Tigers job.

The resignation of Scott Longmuir, who fell out with Tigers coach Tim Sheens, has left the club without a chief executive. The role is being shared on an interim basis by Andy Timbs, the CEO of Wests Ashfield, and Balmain Tigers boss Tim Camiller.